Thursday, September 25, 2008

Over the (sub)continental divide

Got up Saturday morning and headed for the crest of the Alleghenies. Along the way I met Enola, late of Berkeley. She also rode out from Pittsburgh. Except she did it on a beater bike with a crate and a bag of kale, making me feel like quite the wuss for needing all this specialized gear to get my butt up the mountain.

It was nice to have some company on the trail after 10 days of riding solo!
We hit the Continental Divide around noon. My final, symbolic exit from the middle West.

And it was nice to be on a downhill slope for the first time this whole trip, as the trail wended its way down into Maryland.

The view down the mountains into Maryland:
The trail also goes through the Big Savage Tunnel, a 3000' tunnel that goes through the mountain a few miles south of the divide. Yes, a 3000' tunnel just for your bike.

From there it was an easy cruise past the Mason-Dixon line and down into Cumberland, MD.

The NPS visitors' center in Cumberland. ile zero of the Great Allegheny Passage, and mile 184.5 of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal:


Brendan said...

I love the C&0 Canal. Some day I'd like to ride it up to Cumberland.

Anonymous said...

vow! i am amazed. and speechless. forza!

Anonymous said...

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